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page speed insights

Is Google Page Speed Insights Test for Site Fast Score a Key Factor?

Importance of Page speed insights For Website to Rank

Every web page needs to understand something very important and that is that browsing speed is key. This can significantly increase or decrease the number of visits to the website. Also, it is important to fix these issues because otherwise, Google may remove your page. To solve this issue, Google offers a tool called PageSpeed insights.

In this article, you will see everything you need to know about Google PageSpeed insights. The first thing will be to say what this tool is and why it is important to learn how to use it. In addition, you will have the necessary information to understand why page speed is so important. Finally, we will let you know about certain things that make your page slow down. Specifically, we will discuss.

  1. What are Google PageSpeed insights?
  2. Why page speed is important?
  3. How bounce rate increase when issues with loading speed?
  4. How can you use the PageSpeed insights tool to review your website performance?
  5. What must be taken into account to have a perfect score in Google PageSpeed insights?
  6. Contact Digitizen & Grow and thus have the best website

1. What are Google PageSpeed ​​insights?

page speed insights

Many people know how important speed is when loading a website. This is because, at higher browsing speeds, any process to be carried out becomes faster and easier. However, how can we determine the speed with which we can navigate the web. This is easily done through a tool called PageSpeed ​​insights.

Google has different tools that facilitate browsing through the web. In this case, PageSpeed ​​is a slightly different Google tool, but with an important utility. With this tool, we can know how long it takes to load everything related to a web page.

In addition to providing the loading speed for a web page, it presents us with other important benefits for the user. Among them, you can see that it provides us with information on the files or elements of a URL specifically. It also shows us what factors slow down the loading of the web page we are visiting.

You may find that this tool can not only tell us the time it takes to load a web page. You can help us improve this time so that the full load time of the web page is reduced. This makes it a very useful tool. Since it helps us not only to observe the load time of a page but also helps us to improve it.

2. Why page speed is important? and also why Google page speed insights test for site fast score a key factor?

page speed insights

Generally, users when they do their searches on the internet always enter the first pages that Google throws at them. You should know that Google has certain criteria for your page to appear among the first in the search topic. One of the most important factors that Google takes into account for this is the page speed test.

For this to happen, your web page must have a fast score high enough to rank in the top 10 pages. If, on the other hand, your page does the page speed analyzer and does not have a high fast score; it will not belong to the speedcaptchat here top. As a result, your website will not appear among the first in search. Plus, you run the risk that Google will just remove it.

From studies carried out, the decisive factors that have made the first 10 pages qualified in that speedcaptchat here top; one of the most important was page speed. In addition, lately, Google is taking much more severe measures in this matter. Each page is required to have a minimum loading speed to remain in the search box.

In summary, the importance of page speed stems from two key factors. The first is the number of users who visit the page. The faster the page speed, compared to others, your website will be among the first to appear in the search. Therefore, this increases the number of visits you have. The second factor is that if you have a low-speed Google will remove your website from the search box.

3. How bounce rate increase when issues with loading speed?

page speed insights

In the current era, the loading speed of a web page is a very important factor. This is caused by the fact that speed is a determining factor to carry out any process. Many people look for speed and efficiency when browsing the web and this causes slow pages to bounce. However, avoiding this problem is not an easy job.

Solving this problem in the fastest way is essential because Google will damage the website if it is not done. According to Google insights, if the website is fast when loading, its bounce rate will be greatly reduced. Therefore, the faster the web page, the better it can be positioned in Google.

Those slow web pages have a high bounce rate in Google, causing a worse placement when displaying results. However, Google offers web pages a tool to determine the loading speed they have. In addition, it not only shows the speed but also helps to detect the problems and how to improve them.

The website must be on par with the best organic pages or it will not rank in first place. For this reason, it is important to focus on improving the speed of the website. Allowing it to reach more people around the world with the best possible efficiency. Bearing in mind that all web pages are constantly improving.

4. How can you use the PageSpeed ​​insights tool to review your website performance?

google page speed insights

There are many factors why a page can be very slow. To find out which ones are affecting your website performance, you can use Google’s PageSpeed ​​Insights tool. You will find it super useful and it will make you part of Google PageSpeed. To use this tool, you must follow the following steps.

4.1 Get into the PageSpeed insights tool

The first thing is, to have access to this tool. To do this, you must enter this instrument from Google. You write in the search box of Google PageSpeed insights. There you will see a white bar on a blue background so you can place your link and give it to analyze. After that, Google will do a quick and effective analysis of your web page.

4.2 Report

When you give it to analyze, a report will be issued with the Google site speed and with all the factors that slow down your website. You will notice that they will come out in color codes. Everything that is in green color will be perfect. But, whatever is in orange are all the things you can improve if you want your Google test speed to be 100%.

4.3 Test the speed of your mobile site

Google recently launched this same tool to test the speed of the pages but from a cell phone. To do this, the first thing you have to do is enter test my site from your mobile phone. The page is similar to the one on the computer, it is a blue background with a yellow bar. In this bar, you will place the link you want to analyze.

4.4 Phone Report

Google recently launched this same tool to test the speed of the pages but from a cell phone. To do this, the first thing you have to do is enter test my site from your mobile phone. The page is similar to the one on the computer, it is a blue background with a yellow bar. In this bar, you will place the link you want to analyze.

5. What must be taken into account to have a perfect score in Google PageSpeed ​​insights?

Getting a perfect score on Google PageSpeed insights is not an easy task, but it is not impossible to achieve either. For this reason, below we will see some tips to achieve this desired score when developing a fast web page:

5.1 Images must be compressed

One of the aspects that most detract from the score when using the Google tool is the weight of the images. For this reason, you must avoid using large images that subtract points from us at the time the evaluation is carried out. Fixing this problem will cause the score to be much higher than if this problem persists.

One of the most effective ways to avoid this problem is to compress the images to reduce their size. With this method, you can reduce up to 50% and even the size of the image with only simple compression tools. Using this method, you will see a big increase in the final score

5.2 Make use of browser caching

Every browser has so-called cache storage. The function of this is to store all the pages or resources that you have ever reviewed. It can be useful because if you need to search for a website that you have already checked before, there is no need to reload it. This is a tool that if you know how to use can be very useful to increase your fast score.

Using this method will prevent users from having to reload the site information each time they visit. In this way, you will avoid having to load information again when browsing your web page. With this, you can significantly improve the browsing speed of people who are visiting the web page.

5.3 Shrink the HTML

Being able to reduce the space that HTML encoding takes up will result in browsing speed that can increase your Google score. Here you seek to remove or modify those data that are unnecessary or duplicated. All this without affecting the way the browser will render the HTML. This implies fixing the code, removing it, or shortening it when this is warranted and possible.

5.4 You must implement AMP

AMP is the abbreviation for Accelerated Mobile page. This is a project that Google has implemented in a way that helps mobile pages load faster. Its operation consists of creating a format that is open source, eliminating all unnecessary content.

As a consequence, users reach a much higher loading speed on their cell phones. Therefore, going through this entire process allows mobile pages to load almost instantly. With this, Google provides a more optimal experience on mobile devices by avoiding the use of complicated functions.

When you browse Google and search for a page that has AMP, each page will indicate it to you. In addition, the difference between the pages that do and those that do not is quite significant. If the AMP function is activated, the pages you visit from the cell phone will have a version adapted to the device. Therefore, browsing is more enjoyable and goes much faster.

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