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People Also Search For and Google and SEO tools

The ultimate guide to People Also Search For and Google SEO tools

As enjoyable and thought-provoking keyword research is, it is also equally mind-boggling and complex if you are beginning. We know that tools such as Google’s Keyword Planner are good, and Google Autocomplete helps you start. In the same vein, People Also Search For and Google and SEO tools are things you should keep in mind.

In this article, we will make sure you learn everything about free Google SEO tools and all that comes with them. Likewise, there is no doubt that getting into keyword research and SEO audit tools does not happen overnight; you must know how people are searching and what they are searching for before you think about mapping your keywords. 

  1. How can you discover what are people searching for?
  2. What are the best tools that will help you with SEO?
  3. How can Digitizengrow provide you with the best SEO solutions in the UAE?

1. How can you discover what are people searching for?

Every day, more than 6 million search queries happen on different search engines. Are you aware of where to start? It is all about looking at all the angles of the user’s search to find the right topic. That is why we decided to write this article; we will show you the top tool picks if you are looking to improve your SEO.

Where do you look for trending topics or news stories? There are various excellent tools that help marketers make sense of what everyone is looking for and why. They help to answer questions such as:

  • Who would read this article?
  • Would this article perform well?
  • When should I write an article?

How can you find these answers? There are amazing free tools to help you with what People Also Search For and Google and SEO tools.

2. What are the best tools that will help you with SEO?

2.1 BuzzSumo

This is one of the most popular tools due to its Content Discovery option. In addition, it allows you to know what People Also Search For (Google and SEO tools) and search by trending topics at the moment. With BuzzSumo, you can filter the different results by: 

  • 1 hour.
  • 6 hours.
  • 3 hours.
  • 12 hours.
  • 24 hours.

The platform also allows you to filter by topics. Therefore, if the usual government topic is not something you want to see, you can filter it out.  However, you can also take advantage of SEO auditing tools and the platform like Kelsey Jones; an editor at Neil Patel; who uses BuzzSumo:

This platform has one of the best-made interfaces I have worked with; another thing that I enjoy about it is that I can sort by the number and date of social shares. To me, the platform is worth the cost for both keyword research and content marketing.

2.2 SEMrush

To help you find what individuals are searching for around a topic, you can search for a phrase or keyword. SEMrush will show you related keywords, organic search results, and phrase match keywords. Hung Nguyen, Manager at SmallPDF, states:

I am able to look for that person Also Search For with Google and SEO tools in a URL, and the platform will show me exactly what I want to rank for that page. What I like most about it is the “SERP” option, which is available for all keywords.

In addition, he shared with us:

SEMrush is important for our company because it allows us to inspect what people are looking at. For instance, you may have a Snippet, but the attached image is of your SEMrush competition.

When it comes to knowing what is best between SEMrush vs Ubersuggest, it is up to you to decide.

In the same vein, Google tools for SEO will also test out how to view pages; for instance, with or without brand logos, which is also a great tool. You can also go to the drawing board and prioritize modifications on your Ahref backlink.

2.3 Answer the public

This is another useful tool and relatively new to the scene if we compare it to others.  In the same vein, it analyzes searches from Microsoft Bing and Google and has a comprehensive database that will predict what will be searched. Likewise, its interface is what makes it a good tool; while it is a research tool, you can see what People Also Search For (Google and SEO tools), and it has a beautiful display of data.

Casie Gillete, Marketing Director at KoMarketing, about what type of content the audience searches for and why they do. She stated:

I spend most of my time on tools that allow me to filter only by search-based questions. Moreover, I love question-based analytics since they identify places where people are talking about specific topics.

Sean Oldfield, Marketing Officer at Surple, shared with us:

Definitely, my favorite SEO tool is this one. You can just enter the topic of your choice and the tool will return thousands of keyword ideas based on people searches. It is useful when you want to know what People Also Search For with Google and SEO tools, and find long-tail keywords to write about.

Similarly, this platform is a Google keyword planner free tool, and you can export the data to an Excel or CVS file.

2.4 Facebook

This popular platform is one of the most accessible tools to know what People Also Search For (Google and SEO tools) to discover relevant topics. In addition, a lot of people get their news from Facebook. 

Most importantly, Facebook has its own search engine, in 2013, it expanded Graph Search to improve keyword research.

2.5 Twitter

Twitter is another important one of the main SEO tools. In addition, the platform’s explore section uses an algorithm to push trends that are based on who you follow and your location. You can toggle this off by choosing a location in 2 simple steps:

  1. Click change in the trends area.
  2. Select change to add a different location.

Similarly, changing your current location will be helpful if you are focusing on what People Also Search For with Google and SEO tools.

Asley Ward, the speaker of SEMrush, uses Twitter to find trends. She states that:

When there is a conversation going on, the hashtag attached to the post can easily be found on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. Subsequently, you can start researching the top-performing hashtags to see what is going on and follow the conversation. This method is one of the best ways to find great blog topics and is incredibly useful for content marketing.

2.6 YouTube

While YouTube is mostly known for its workout videos and cooking videos; it also provides you with a trending section, so you know what is popular on the platform at the moment. This is also special for what People Also Search For (Google and SEO tools). Similarly, you can also check out the YouTube trends blog; it analyzes what is going on in the world around us and the platform.

After you identify what is trending on YouTube, you may want to compare the topics to your YouTube analytics. Likewise, if you can tie trending videos to your niche; you will have a solid opportunity to add the video with a massive potential to rank on the platform. 

On Digitizengrow, we provide you with the best SEO tools for YouTube.

2.7 Pinterest

Pinterest launched in November 2016 “Explore” as a feature for users to discover what is popular on the platform. Likewise, it uses an algorithm to create personalized points of that day based on what people are searching for. 

Meanwhile, the platform created this to offer more organic options to advertisers; but it is an ideal tool for brainstorming content ideas. If you are still wondering, “how does Pinterest work?”, you can request our help on Digitizengrow. 

2.8 Ubersuggest

This is Neil Patel’s new free Google SEO tool, which is becoming more and more popular at the moment.

Andrew Cunliffe, Second Fiddle’s Co-founder, says: 

When it comes to knowing what People Also Search For, Ubersuggest is one of our favorite free Google SEO tools. This easy-to-use Chrome extensive gives you important information about useful keywords in your specific field; this way you gain an edge on your competitors and you can improve and adapt them.

This helps us drive traffic to our client’s websites and increase their visibility. Even better is that it is with the content marketing strategy and reverse engineering of competitors’ SEO. We also spend less time curating content that our audience will not access or read; the platform is really simple, you type in a keyword or domain to get started.

Tess Robison, at Money Done Right, likes to use Ubersuggest because:

Ubersuggest has both a paid and a free version, however, the free version works fine for everything I would need to do. Moreover, the Ubersuggest keyword tool allows you to search hundreds of keywords and who are your competitors for these words. It also provides suggestions of similar keywords to what you are trying to target.

Likewise, he concludes with “the whole platform is massively useful when it comes to SEO auditing tools and marketing purposes”.

2.9 Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog has been an important source for on-page optimization and SEO audits for the last 10 years. This is a free tool that offers important insight since it crawls the entire site to look for flags in your SEO campaign.

On the other hand, Cameron Dunn, Director at SQRD Media, states:

Screaming Frog is the cornerstone for any SEO work. With this insightful tool, I can see, in minutes, a detailed understanding of any site. With it, I can see what People Also Search For (Google and SEO tools) as well as the metadata collected by search engines. In addition, I can rapidly see what is working and what must be improved to ensure proper optimization.

Nick Farnborough, Clavis Social’s co-founder, says:

As SEO becomes more crucial for small businesses, finding a good free Google keyword planner tool becomes a higher priority. Screaming Frog goes deep into the technical side of SEO with its free Google SEO tools. The SEO spider tool is also used to fix all types of technical SEO errors such as; site architecture, broken links, audit redirects, sitemaps, and more. 

In addition, he shares that the free plan is enough for most people that are starting in this industry, it is also easy enough to work with after watching their tutorials.

2.10 Ahrefs

Just like SEMrush, Ahrefs is one of the all-in-one SEO audit tools that will monitor your competitors, build your keyword research; guide you through a site audit, identify top-performing content, and much more. The tool also provides a comprehensive Ahref domain authority for you to try and experiment with.

Bruce Harpham, Marketing Consultant, says that the Ahref backlink is his favorite tool to know what people are searching for.

This free tool offers insight into various key website metrics such as number of backlinks, follow vs no-follow patterns, number of link domains, and domain rating. I use this important free tool various times per week to analyze different websites from an SEO and authority perspective. This is just a part of the data that awaits you if you decide to take advantage of the platform.

However, the question of what is better between SEMrush vs Ahrefs is up to you. You can try both and tell us what is better.

Katie Fellenz, Trust and Will’s Head of Marketing, shares:

This is perhaps the most common tool recommended in the industry, but I honestly cannot live without it. It has so many more useful features and functionality than other free Google SEO tools. In addition, the platform is easy to navigate and is simply laid out compared to other similar tools.

In addition, she states: “I find it most useful for Ahref backlink, research on competitors and our site, and estimated traffic value.”

2.11 Yoast

Yoast is without any doubt the most used Google keyword planner free tool and SEO plugin for WordPress users. It makes the technical side of SEO really simple and straightforward. Further, Yoast free and Yoast SEO premium will guide you through writing meta descriptions and meta titles; however, it also allows users to choose the build sitemaps, canonical tags, and so much more.

Madeleine Seah, SEO Specialist, shared with us:

The Yoast WordPress plugin is a tool that will allow you to know what People Also Search For (PASF). In addition, it will allow you to optimize your blog posts and website. This feature can assist you to improve rankings on SERPs and increase organic traffic to your site.

She also added that one of the most outstanding perks that make you feel like you are using Yoast SEO premium is the XML sitemap generator. This allows you to generate a sitemap for your site and will update whenever you add a new page to it. Therefore, it saves you valuable time by eliminating the requirement for manual updates.

2.12 GTMetrix

GTMetrix is one of the most useful free online tools that analyze your page speed performance. With site speed being the first priority for SEOs in the past years; it is crucial to know where your website is standing.

It is the key to knowing what people search for is to run multiple tests and experiment with different pages. As a result, your performance will change depending on your traffic, so ensure to make different tests.

2.13 Keywords Everywhere

This browser extension has become a favorite of SEO marketers for many years. Keywords Everywhere allows you to show keyword research in the search results. 

William Chin, Web Consultant, says:

It is a free browser extension that will show the search volume for keywords on every search that you run. This has saved me massive amounts of time as I find myself conducting keyword research regularly. Moreover, it is always running in the background, so there is no need to set up anything. 

Didier Bizimungu, Webivity Marketing, and Design Digital Marketing Director shares with us: 

It does not get any better than this valuable tool. It is a browser add-on, so I do not need to visit a specific website to get it working. Similarly, it works right in my Google search results when I am looking that people also search for Google and SEO tools. It also includes volume data and an estimated cost-per-click estimate.

He continues: this add-on is solid, and I am in love with the number of choices it offers for some obscure keywords.

2.14 SEO Search Simulator by Nightwatch

This tool will simplify the work for SEOs to see where you are ranking globally or locally.

Nebojsa Radakovic, Bejamas Marketing Manager, likes to use it for checking multi-location rankings, he says:

When I am required to check keyword results on different Google search properties; I like to use this valuable tool which is free to use as a Chrome Extension. That is to say, it simulates search engine queries from any location. For instance, you may rank well on Google UK, but what about Google FR? Nightwatch Search Simulator will be of great help.

2.15 Mozbar

This Chrome extension, MozBar, is one of the best free Google SEO tools that allow you to see the page or SERP metrics.

The Founder of Copy Goals, Kelly O’Hara, uses the Mozbar daily, she states:

The MozBar chrome extension is a free browser extension that you can take advantage of to quickly check page authority and domain. This comes in handy when you are performing guest post outreach or link building to determine the authority and quality of prospects.

On the other hand, Carol Archebelle, Digital Marketing Manager at Foundations Wellness Center, likes to use the browser extension:

The MozBar for Chrome is a must-have for SEO marketers. There is both a premium and free version, however, the premium versions give you plenty to start with. When you use this extension, you are able to see the spam score, link metrics, page load times, and page authority (to name a few) of any page you want.

She continues: this is one of my favorite Google tools for SEO due to how it works on SERPs; the information of each page is visible as well from the SERP itself. In addition, this gives you the perfect idea of what you will have to do to rank on page 1 for a specific keyword.

2.15 TF*IDF tool by Seobility

This important tool from Seobility provides you with insight from texts by identifying high-relevance keywords to help you rank and compare your content against your competitors. In the same vein, with it, you get 3 free checks per day.

Anastasiia Khlystova, HelpCrunch’s Content Marketing Manager likes to use this tool when she is creating content, shares:

After collecting all the keywords for my next text, I discover other contextual words I should use to write a good article in Google’s eyes. You can do that and see what People Also Search For. Similarly, this tool allows you to research 3 keywords for free each day. What it does is analyze the top ten results for your keywords and shows you which ones are most used.

She also shared: these words must be present in your future article. In this way, Google will consider it comprehensive and full.

2.16 SERP Simulator

This Google keyword planner free tool by Mangools is an outstanding SEO tool that allows you to view a meta description and meta in a SERP snippet preview. As a result, you will see if your metadata is not working as supposed.

Chris Fernandez, Women’s Health Interactive CEO, has a special love for this tool. He shares:

This is one of the -if not my favorite- SEO auditing tools for visual description and visual title Search Engine Results Page (SERP) length simulator. It allows me and my team to test descriptions and titles of articles while they are being edited and test SERP length on various screen sizes. 

He continues: If your description and title are not appearing on a mobile device, for instance, you are losing click-throughs. It is an effective, clean, handy, and simple tool that should be part of every SEO marketer’s toolkit.

2.17 Check My Links

Check My Links is another great Chrome extension to know what People Also Search For on Google. It has become a go-to way to identify where are the broken links on a page. After that, you can start your link-building outreach. 

Dolce Lindsey, The Childress Agency’s Digital Marketing Specialist, has some thoughts about it, she says:

If you like using free Google SEO tools, this valuable Chrome extension is necessary to perform broken link-building fixes. When you install this extension, you can crawl and analyze any page and find all broken links automatically and easily. Similarly, this is one of my favorite SEO auditing tools since it allows me to identify 404 without clicking various links and suggesting that your site replace that broken link.

In addition: it is a great way to gain more backlinks, and the best part for me? It is free, you do not have to give anything in return.

2.18 Other social news sites

  • Snapchat Discover.
  • Digg.
  • Wikipedia.
  • Reddit.
  • Product Hunt.
  • Pocket.
  • Growth Hackers.
  • Flickr.
  • Quora.
  • Instagram’s Explore.
  • Medium.
  • Hacker News.
  • Zest.

2.19 Google Autocomplete

From now on, we will show you some Google-related SEO audit tools. Google has done well to give you hints about what users are searching for.

We spoke with George Freitag, SEO manager at Indeed.com. He said:

Some of the best tools to know what People Also Search For on Google and research SEO topics are from Google itself. For instance, the Google Search Console provides you with valuable information on what topics people are looking for when they clicked our site. On the other hand, AdWords, Google Trends, autocomplete searches, and related topics found right in Google search pages will give you insight on the types of topics people are looking for elsewhere.

Let us take a look at some of Google’s tools for SEO.

Firstly, we have Google Autocomplete; it is one of the best tools for finding variations on your primary keyword phrase. You just need to type in the Google search box, and related terms will appear in a dropdown list. After that, you can manually choose the long-tail keyword you want to use or select a combination of words.

2.20 Google People Also Ask

This section is a great free tool to use when starting your keyword research. After you have written your keyword term in the Google search box, scroll down to discover variations of your keyword term.

Similarly, you can select the drop-down feature to see more content. Some people use these words as headers in their copy body; which is helpful if you are looking to achieve Featured Snippet status.

2.21 Google Searches Related To

Google also provides you with a section at the bottom of the Google search results page called Google searches related to. Similarly, if you scroll down to the bottom of the search results, you will receive more than 8 suggestions that are beneficial to use for keyword variations in keyword research and your content.

2.22 Google News

Google News will show you headlines from news sites around the globe allowing you to know what People Also Search For. In addition, it will display content tailored to your interests such as many other search engines. Some people enjoy using Google News since it shows global news and local interests in a straightforward interface.

You just need to click on the news headline and go directly to the website that published it.

2.23 Google Alerts + IFTTT

This Google tool is pretty similar to Buzzsumo limited and Buzzsumo trending, except that you have unlimited alerts for free. If you are searching for a specific competitor or topic, set up Google Alerts to come to your inbox automatically, once a week, or once a day. Moreover, it is a common practice to pair Google Alerts with IFTTT recipes.

2.24 Google Search Console

If you are lucky to enough to access the Google Search Console, you will find a whole pool of content marketing and keyword research ideas. Thus, to see what keywords your audience is using to find your website, go to Google Search Console, Search Traffic, and Search Analytics. Once you are there, a list will appear with keywords that are receiving some traction.

Borislav Yordanov Ivanov, Best Response Media’s Senior Technical SEO loves to use it as “it provides insight directly from Google for the most important area of a project: page speed, inaccessible resources and pages, current penalties, mobile adaptability, and many more.”

2.25 Google Keyword Planner

The Google Keyword Planner free toolis great when moving into keyword mapping. However, some SEO marketers like to brainstorm with Google’s Keyword Planner. For example, Katy Katz, Director of Strategy at Marketing Fresh. She states:

I use a combination of tools to find relevant and popular terms for content. Likewise, there are so many incredible ones that it is almost impossible to choose. I like to start with this tool to get an idea of search traffic. After I have that, I check how people are using those terms and work to identify related opportunities.

When you start using this tool to know what People Also Search For (Google and SEO tools); it will help you to decide which keywords are suitable. You may want to locate the sweet spot of high search volume with low competition.

2.26 Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio is a reporting and analytics tool that connects Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and other resources such as SEMrush.

Casey Dawson, Online Optimism’s Content Specialist, says:

Google Data Studio is one of the best free Google SEO tools online. Through it, you can build an interactive dashboard for searching trends in real-time and tracking organic traffic to make an accurate forecast for your clients or business. You can also upload files and insights from over 200 data sources such as Google platforms or others like Moz.

This allows you to easily compare data from different sources. If you are not sure how to start using Data Studio; there are a lot of free templates made specifically for tracking SEO.

2.27 Google Trends

With Google Trends, you can rapidly view top charts or stories. In addition, you can also see what People Also Search For, as well as compare specific keywords in 3 steps:

  • Type in the keyword you wish to analyze in the search box.
  • After that, click on “compare”, then type in your next keyword.
  • Adjust the dates if you need them.

Google Trends allows you to queries related by data and country; this will help you guide your keyword research strategy.

Dan Morrison at Aimclear shared with us:

I usually go to Google Trends to understand more about the ongoing changes in search behavior. In addition, Google Trends provides real-time data and helps us understand trends for millions of keywords. It also serves as a place to locate concepts and keywords for deeper content development.

On the other hand, Google Trends provides us with filters based on location, historical displays for analyzing valleys and dips, and compare different concepts and terms. 

Adam Lumb is the Site Manager at Cashcow, and he says:

This is definitely one of my favorite Google SEO tools since it provides you with information that most SEO tools do not. Instead of focusing on volume, it tells you when a keyword is being used most over the year. Therefore, it is great for finding keywords that people are searching for (such as viral content).

It is also beneficial for me to find seasonal keywords or phrases that other SEO tools online tend to struggle with. As a result, with these insights, I ensure to use Google Trends as part of my research strategies. 

2.28 Google Sheets

Google Sheets is another amazing one the Google tools for SEO. It integrates with add-ons like Search Analytics but for sheets.

The Founder and CEO of Digimark Australia, Steven Jaenke, says:

While it is not a strict SEO tool, my favorite tool for SEO is Google Sheets. Why? Most of SEO is about executing and having in mind the execution; that is where Google Sheets comes in handy. We record the technical problems and mark them off after they are fixed. In addition, we put on-page problems and mark them off as well. 

We record each created link, keeping each detail about Focus Keywords, Anchor Text, and URL. It is extremely versatile and we can mold it into what we need it to be.

2.29 Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most valuable tools you can use to find popular searches for your website. Similarly, Google Analytics has a site search functionality to track what users are typing into your website search.

The Founder and Owner of Proofread Anywhere, Caitlin Pyle, is a user of Google Analytics:

I love that it is completely free, what I also like from it is that it is user-friendly and I can view the resulting data in forms that are easy for me to understand. The customizable and detailed reporting tools are also good to help me see what is working out and what I must improve.

John Howard, Coupon Lawn’s CEO, on the other hand, agrees with Caitlin, saying:

My favorite tool to know what People Also Search For is Google Analytics. The reason? It makes it possible for me to know how my visitors found my websites and which links and pages are accessible to those who visit my site. Knowing this information helped me improve my strategies and increase my website traffic.

2.30 Page Speed Insights

Google has improved massively its Page Speed Insights. In 2018, they incorporated various tools into their data to help add more performance metrics. It is the choice for many SEO marketers for mobile optimization and page speed insights.

2.31 Lighthouse

Lighthouse is a free-to-use tool if you are using both Chrome and its DevTools. In the same vein, it is an open-source automation tool to view the correctness, quality, and performance of your site.

3. How can Digitizengrow provide you with the best SEO solutions in the UAE?

We are the best digital marketing agency in the UAE, and we will assist you with everything you need from video marketing, and content development, to SEO, Social Media Marketing, and more. Our team of experts will guide you through your marketing campaigns; ensuring you receive only the best.

On Digitizengrow we understand that clear communication is the best way to ensure you are happy with our services. Further, we will work side-by-side with you to improve brand awareness and sales. 

As the best marketing provider in the country, we will deliver the best solutions to: 

  • Multi-location businesses.
  • Start-ups.
  • Small-, or medium-sized companies.

We will expand your business by showing your services or products to larger audiences.

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