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Why is digital marketing important?

It does not matter if you have been in the business for a day or decades, one of the most difficult things to carry out is how to effectively engage and reach your target audience.  That is to say, the most efficient logistics and best product development will not be enough if you do not have the right digital marketing foundation.

In this article, we will ensure you understand why digital marketing services are crucial for business nowadays. Likewise, there is a broad scope for digital marketing in the UAE. According to research, more than 55% of the world’s population uses the internet. In addition, it grew more than 20% since 2020 due to the pandemic with many companies going digital.

  1. What are the reasons why digital marketing is so important for all-sized companies?
  2. How social media allows you to engage and retain customers?
  3. Is digital marketing linked to lower costs?
  4. How digital marketing is a crucial factor for retail businesses?
  5. Why UX is important in online marketing?
  6. FAQs – Frequently asked questions
  7. How can Digitizengrow provide you with outstanding digital marketing services in the UAE?

1. What are the reasons why digital marketing is so important for all-sized companies?

digital marketing

1.1. Cost-efficiency

Executives and owners often think about marketing as an expense, they are not wrong; running ads cost money no matter the channels you want to use. However, traditional marketing also has a high entry cost; even 3 a.m. commercial slots and billboards in the middle of nowhere are not close to being cheap.

High budgets, on the other hand, are encouraged to give you more room for engagement and maneuvering, platforms like Facebook and Google have no minimum entry. That is to say, you can start a 5$ campaign if you want to. These platforms will also offer ad credits for new advertisers as well.

1.2. More targeted audience reach

When you buy an ad in a physical newspaper, your audience is defined as your subscribers to that specific newspaper. Further, when you get a time slot on a TV spot, your audience is defined as individuals that watch the channel for that time frame at a specific time. While some demographic can be determined depending on the medium.

For instance, readers of “Marca” are probably football fans. But in many cases, with more traditional channels, you do not always have the ability to tailor your brand message to your target audience. In other words, 20-year-olds and 50-year-olds alike must go shopping, but they do not respond to the same advertisements.

Digital marketing is crucial since you can target individuals without additional cost based on:

  • Income level.
  • Location.
  • Job title.
  • Interests.
  • Age.
  • Gender and more.

If you do not know what demographic breakdown applies to your company, we provide free analytics tools, and our digital marketing services applied to platforms such as Facebook and Google. These services show you the exact characteristics of your audience, individuals visiting your website, or following your page.

1.3. Brand awareness

When using traditional ads to promote your brand or new service or product, you are at the mercy of hoping your audience is physically present in a certain place to notice your efforts. Whether that means paying attention to a brochure at your booth or taking the right freeway to work; you have to rely on them being at the right place at the right time.

However, when it comes to using the services of digital agencies such as Digitizengrow, you take advantage of the connection of your audience to the internet at least once a day.

Through digital marketing channels, you can reach your audience anytime they connect to the internet or check their desktop device, or smartphone. Likewise, if you want a certain product or aspect of your brand to reach a specific part of your audience, we can do that on your behalf as well.

1.4. Lead generation

One of the biggest problems with traditional marketing is tracking your overall performance. Traditional media buyers may be able to tell you how many people saw your ad, but how can you prove that the ads converted into a sale? That is why our solid digital marketing strategy is so important for our partners.

Digital advertisement allows you to display contact information to the ads you are running. This has various functions:

  • Firstly, it informs you how many viewers engaged with it the way you wanted them to.
  • Then, it allows you to include them on your phone and email lists.
  • Lastly, it gives you the rapid opportunity to qualify the potential lead, which is important for turning into a sale.

1.5. Customer engagement and retention

From restaurants or bards, it is simple to stay engaged with their customers; that is one of their main business functions. But, how does a small-batch production business keep in touch with someone who purchased their product more than 3,000 kms?

Our pay-per-click and Google digital marketing services are directed towards your customers; whether it is through social media posts, email newsletters, or review management. You can respond to a customer’s feedback in a public forum through digital channels. That is to say, this does not only mean you can solve their concerns, but everyone reading it will see your response as well.

When you engage with customers having a positive audience with your business, you start building a loyal community around your organization online.

1.6. Stay connected with your customers

We will not lie to you; traditional marketing is still effective for getting your message out to your audience. But if you want to engage with your customers and have a clear connection with them, nothing is more effective than our digital marketing strategy.

2. How social media allows you to engage and retain customers?

If we could tell a thing left from the pandemic is that many people are likely to keep working from hope and more of them will be going out less. In addition, according to research, Gen Z and millennials are spending a large part of their day on social media. Instead of expensive billboard advertisements, businesses are establishing a presence on social and creating a buzz.

Companies are relying more and more on social media with our effective digital marketing services across various sectors in the UAE. Likewise, social media can help you draw the attention of potential clients and convert organic leads. This year, social media has a broad reach for audiences and re-engage with customers in a simpler way.

However, our pay-per-click and social media management services will help businesses to keep track of new features added by these platforms; boosting or promoting posts or generating ideas to attract customers in an appealing way to your target audience.

3. Is digital marketing linked to lower costs?

As aforementioned, another good reason for the importance of Google digital marketing is that it is less expensive than traditional marketing. Further, most businesses are still recovering from the negative numbers the pandemic left behind. As a result, cost-saving modes are a priority for some businesses in the UAE.

Digital marketing, in the same vein, is very profitable since it yields a high return on investment (ROI) and has an increased reach and audience scope. And it does not matter if you have a modest budget, you can still benefit from the efficiency of their sales advantages through our digital marketing strategy.

Likewise, marketing campaigns and strategies can be modified without a significant setback in your budget.

Another reason behind the importance of Google digital marketing and why it will be so influential in this decade is its multiple aspects. That is to say, businesses will benefit from digital agencies like us, we have a massive range of means of attracting an audience for you such as:

Marketing will still be influential since it has multiple aspects within a single digital marketing strategy.

4. How digital marketing is a crucial factor for retail businesses?

digital marketing

E-commerce is increasingly pushing traditional retail out of business. However, e-retail is another trend we are seeing an increase in popularity. In addition, the pandemic has expanded the need for online purchases of products such as furniture, phones, books, or clothes. Businesses that did not have an online presence are also taking the digital route.

There is no way to attract a large number of customers to retail shops anymore. As a result, these businesses must adapt to digital marketing and digital agencies like ours.

On the other hand, digital marketing strategies will still be crucial in this decade. Our digital marketing strategy and pay-per-click services will help you cement your business’s brand identity. However, our marketing strategies are important for both established and new e-commerce companies; they are crucial to make them stand out from their competitors.

The importance of digital marketing is unquestionable since it is slowly becoming indispensable for companies in the UAE.

5. Why UX is important in online marketing?

User experience (UX) design is essential for digital marketing and companies in the UAE can benefit from it. In short, UX is responsible for providing a wonderful but simple experience to users. You can use it to make services and products delightful to use. People are becoming more and more aware of the aesthetics and visuals of products and services.

They expect a meaningful experience when they go through an organization’s website.

Another good reason why Google digital marketing is so important for business is that digital agencies can analyze the core web function and suggest changes when they are needed.

According to research, less than 50% of people will not buy products from poorly designed websites. We are a full-service marketing firm; this means we will provide you only with the best from conversion analysis to SEO.

6. FAQs – Frequently asked questions

  • How important is this type of marketing in today’s online environment?

Digital marketing is and will continue to be essential in today’s business world. It helps businesses to focus on broader audiences with a global reach, unlike traditional marketing; it brings high revenue with little investment. In addition, it is customer-oriented and you can easily monitor it. It also has room for improvement on the go.

  • What is the importance of digital marketing in the UAE’s tourism industry?

Our digital marketing services play an essential role in the tourism industry of industry. Similarly, it can help businesses understand consumer behavior, enhance their customer offerings with the aim of max customer satisfaction, and make customer conversations simpler. Likewise, our marketing efforts can be more targeted with ads through digital channels, this will also help you identify your customer base.

  • How important are our digital marketing services for your business?

Without our digital marketing campaigns, you are trying to hit an arrow in the dark. Companies today need assistance from digital agencies like us to take their business to the next level. However, the first step is to identify a clear marketing goal. As a result, you will have increased brand awareness, an overall increase in conversions, and website traffic.

7. How can Digitizengrow provide you with outstanding digital marketing services in the UAE?

On Digitizengrow we will help you cut through the white noise and develop an important online presence and take your business to the next level. Moreover, we focus on your brand by looking at your current level and analyzing what you need before developing a clear strategy.

With us, you can say goodbye to costly lead generation. Our team of experts will work hard with you by using powerful social media management; this way you can increase brand engagement and awareness. As a result, you will generate more leads from relevant customers.

We will help you to bring your brand’s identity and personality forward, helping your audience connect with you and increase engagement. In the same vein, we will help you develop a close connection with your audience; ensuring you stand out from your competition.

Firstly, our goal is to help you take your business to the next level, and with this, we will focus on your brand and visual identity to stand out. Whether you are searching to redesign your website for a marketing overhaul, modify your marketing campaigns, and improve your rankings in search results; our team will provide you with tailor-made plans.

Similarly, we also have extensive experience when it comes to helping businesses in the UAE.

Do you want to receive the best digital marketing from our team of experts? If you have extra concerns or you want us to start working side-by-side with you; you can call us at +971 43 316 688. Or email us via contact@digitizengrow.com.

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