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What is the role of a marketing agency?

Regardless of the sector, your business is in, the requirement for a marketing agency is universal. In addition, the branding and marketing experience these agencies bring is massively strategical, built upon various years of assisting companies to achieve their objectives. However, the roles that these agencies play tend to vary from industry to industry, but the basic principles are the same.

In this article, we will ensure you understand our marketing services are so important for businesses in the UAE. Further, you will also understand why marketing consulting is also beneficial for organizations. Marketing agencies are crucial for all types of business since most of them implement tailor-made strategies.

  1. What do marketing agencies do?
  2. How many types of marketing agencies are there?
  3. What are some functions of a digital marketing agency?
  4. Does a marketing agency provide benefits to businesses?
  5. Why should you choose a full-service marketing partner?
  6. 6 tips to choose the best marketing agency
  7. How can Digitizengrow provide you with the best marketing services in the UAE?

1. What do marketing agencies do?


Marketing companies assist their clients to implement and create successful marketing campaigns. Usually, this often begins with research to understand everything about your business and your marketing plan; after that, they conduct demographic research and a complete customer profile.

Once they have a clear picture of what type of people you are marketing to and what you have already done to reach them. Likewise, a marketing firm allows you to develop a comprehensive range of marketing strategies; create, and implement plans for your marketing campaigns as well as further analysis of those campaigns.

You can also partner up with a digital marketing company to provide you with specific services such as market research or telemarketing. Similarly, you can take advantage of their services for a specific project or hire them on a retainer basis to help you for a specific time period. However, you can also hire freelancers or individual consultants with marketing skills to plan projects.

The main goal of working with a marketing consulting is to:

  • Turn your target audience into customers.
  • Improve sales and revenue.
  • Retain your current customer base.
  • And grow your brand and business.

2. How many types of marketing agencies are there?

There are various types of marketing companies and each type focuses on different customer demographics, industries, marketing strategies, and business sizes.

  • Marketing communications: these types of experts help you with communication materials such as product guides, newsletters, customer magazines, and brochures. They also provide design, production, and writing services, as well as a strategy for how to reach best your audience for new product launches or upcoming events.
  • Direct marketing: direct marketing agencies assist you to manage and plan direct mail campaigns. Further, they often provide you with extensive lists that match your target market. In addition, they also design and write direct mail items. Direct marketing agencies also take care of mailing out pieces on your behalf and measuring consumer response.
  • Marketing consultancy: this type of internet marketing agency audits your marketing plans and offers suggestions. Similarly, are not usually involved in the implementation of the plan but they conduct a deep analysis of the plan and present new strategies so you can implement them; such as capturing new potential marketing or launching a new product.
  • Telemarketing: telemarketing agencies provide phone-based solutions by acting as a call center on behalf of your business. Many of these companies are switching from land calls to text pitches or smartphone calls.
  • Digital marketing: a digital marketing agency will help you take advantage of the internet, social media, or email in your marketing strategies. These companies advise on strategies to improve the SEO of your website, and social media usage, implement email marketing strategies to communicate effectively with customers, leads, and launch e-commerce services.

3. What are some functions of a digital marketing agency?

A marketing agency is a cornerstone and solid support system for any business as it helps them in the growing process. And to help businesses to establish themselves in the business industry, they follow various thorough approaches and strategies with a single goal in mind; the development of their company.

There are many functions that these agencies perform so they can assist businesses to achieve their goals.

These activities include both offline and online marketing. They perform the task of:

  • Advertising in various places through event marketing.
  • Distribution of pamphlets and advertising.
  • Building up public relations.
  • Web design.
  • Social media management.
  • Printed media marketing.
  • Branding.
  • Web video creation.
  • Hoarding.
  • Campaigning.

As you have seen, there are no limits to the function that a marketing agency can perform.

On the other hand, it also depends on the company itself and the strategy they have developed. Likewise, these marketing agencies act as full-service providers to the organization they are working for. On Digitizengrow, we work hard to provide your business with the best marketing strategies to take your business to the next level.

A digital marketing company has also a quite long list of potential contacts that come in handy for different areas. In the same vein, these marketing services providers build all sorts of contacts over time with the help of newspapers, printers, radio stations, television networks, etc.

They are experts in getting the job done by individuals coming from different backgrounds depending on the required work. Therefore, our marketing consulting is a one-stop destination for businesses looking forward to taking themselves to the next level.

4. Does a marketing agency provide benefits to businesses?

If you want to know more reasons why a marketing partner is the right move for your business; here are some benefits you should consider:

  1. A marketing agency allows you to identify result-oriented strategies

If you are not sure which marketing channels and services are best for your company; an internet marketing company will allow you to create a comprehensive marketing strategy to drive outstanding results for your business.

With a solid strategy, you can have a better evaluation of the impact of your marketing; this way you can identify the channels that contribute most to your goals.

  1. Marketing companies assist you to implement and manage campaigns

If you do not have the technical experience needed to manage or launch campaigns; a marketing agency like us is the best way to go. Working with us gives you access to industry experts who will efficiently take care of your strategies and campaigns. As a result, you can focus on managing your business.

With us and our marketing consulting, you will save valuable time and you will leverage our expertise to position your business for long-term improvement.

  1. Marketing agencies monitor your results and optimize campaigns

All marketing strategies require ongoing optimization and monitoring to deliver the best results. In addition, marketing companies in the UAE will keep track of your campaigns. Agencies like us offer customized analysis and reporting; this way you can see where your marketing investment is going.

If you are not happy with the results from specific marketing channels; a marketing partner allows you to modify your campaigns or channel spending into solutions that contribute more to your objectives.

5. Why should you choose a full-service marketing partner?

marketing agency

If you are not sure what type of marketing agency suits best your business; observe 3 benefits of a full-service partner like us.

5.1 We streamline your marketing management

A comprehensive marketing services partner is a one-stop-shop for all your requirements; from PPC to SEO, social media marketing, web design, and more. Further, when you work with a partner like us, you will get access to dedicated account managers who will work hard to provide you with everything you need.

As a result, you also get streamlined communication without needing to worry about paying or corresponding with multiple agencies or a phone tag. Similarly, full-service companies allow you to streamline all your marketing strategies, this way you can easily manage all your strategies within a single place.

5.2 We allow you to integrate different strategies for the best results

We are also helpful if you want to invest in multiple areas at the same time; which is the best option for all businesses. With a full-service digital marketing company, you will have access to various marketing channels. They will also provide you with combined experience to provide the best results for your organization.

A marketing agency, in the same vein, allows you to be dynamic and agile. Therefore, if a certain strategy is not driving the desired results; we can quickly deploy a marketing strategy to the tactics that will deliver the best return on investment (ROI).

5.3 Full-service internet marketing saves you money and time by bundling solutions

Working with a full-service partner can also save you valuable money and time. Some agencies like us allow you to bundle solutions or offer discounts for using multiple services.

On Digitizengrow, our partners have access to a suite of solutions that will take their marketing strategies to the next level. In addition, we will provide you with ongoing result monitoring across campaigns so you can see where your money is going. You will also save valuable time by working with a single team on various campaigns.

6. 6 tips to choose the best marketing agency

6.1 Research their marketing services

Firstly, you must research the solutions this company offers to determine if they are the right partner for your business.

If you want to invest in local SEO solutions or redesign your website to earn more sales; for instance, you would like to partner with a full-service partner like Digitizengrow.

If you want to manage your magazine advertisements or create a prime-time TV commercial; a traditional marketing business is best suited for this. In short, spend some time reviewing some marketing agencies’ websites to see if their solutions match your objectives.

6.2 Review their pricing

This is one of the most important steps, you must ensure the agency’s pricing fits your budget. However, you must keep in mind that you obtain what you pay for in terms of results.

Be cautious of marketing agencies advertising “cheap” solutions”. On the other hand, we offer you transparent pricing, this way you know how much you can expect to pay for our marketing services.

Similarly, we can leverage expertise and exclusive data to maximize your ROI.

6.3 Check their location

It is also important to check out your future partner’s location in relation to your business. That is to say, if you rather want to meet with your marketing agency in person, you must choose one near your SMB.

Keep in mind that some companies have various locations, so ensure to check if they have one available near you. Further, many companies, including, us offer virtual meeting technologies; allowing partners to interface with our team easily and rapidly, no matter where they are.

6.4 Look at their results

When choosing a marketing partner, you must ensure they are capable of delivering their promised outcome. Research their case studies and portfolio, reviews, and testimonials. These areas provide excellent proof of their abilities to deliver results.

6.5 Consider their expertise

After that, make sure your chosen marketing agency has the right experience with the services you want, as well as your field. While some marketing companies market themselves as ‘full-service’, they do not always have the capacity or experience in a particular niche or service.

6.6 Connect with their team

In conclusion, before choosing a marketing agency, talk to their team. Are they friendly and knowledgeable? Are they taking the required time to understand your goals and business?

If not, you can cross them off your list.

7. How can Digitizengrow provide you with the best marketing services in the UAE?

If you have been looking for the best internet services partner in the UAE, you will learn that all agencies are different. While no agency can guarantee specific results; we will work hard creatively and diligently to exceed your marketing expectations.

On Digitizengrow, we have an outstanding team of digital marketing experts, who have learned all the nuances of executing and strategizing marketing campaigns through training and experience. Therefore, not only do we have in-depth talents; but we also have what it takes to succeed in today’s complex business environment.

Our business covers all the areas of marketing with our content developers, web designers, front- and back-end developers, analysts, copywriters, and campaign managers. As a result, you will have a full-speed and top-performance day in and day out.

One of our relentless objectives is to help you to generate ROI. Further, you can check out our case studies to see examples of our work.

Do you want to get access to the solutions of the best marketing agency in the UAE? if you have any inquiries or want us to start working side-by-side with you; you can email us via contact@digitizengrow.com. Or you can also call us at +971 43 316 688.

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