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SERP competitors ranking

Beginner’s Guide To SERP Competitors Ranking In 2024

Every company worldwide is exposed to the competition no matter where it is. That is why it is important to know or have tricks to be able to stand out among your competitors. One of the most important and useful things that an SEO can have is to know the keywords that the competition uses. Thus, you can implement the best keywords and position yourself in the SERP competitors ranking.

In this article, you will see all the information you need to know about the SERP competitors ranking. The first thing will be to define the SERP feature competitor analysis, so you can understand how it works. Consequently, we will show you why it is important to perform a SERP analysis. In addition, you will see a step-by-step guide on how to discover the keywords of the competition.

  1. Do you know what is the SERP analysis?
  2. Learn why it is important to perform a SERP analysis
  3. Step-by-step guide on how to do a SERP analysis
  4. Contact DigitizenGrow so you have access to SEO that will help you position yourself in the SERP competitor ranking

1. Do you know what is the SERP analysis?

Serp competitors ranking

Before explaining what a SERP analysis is, it is important to first know what SERP means. Therefore, before talking about this analysis, we will explain what SERP is.

1.1 What does SERP mean?

The Search Engine Results Page or better known as SERP; is a page that has a list of results displayed by the search engine. All this after any user submits a query for a search.

Different types of results such as organic results, ads, and any SERP feature can be displayed on the SERP. Among the features, we can find a featured snippet, site links, etc.

1.2 The SERP analysis

Performing a SERP analysis is a process of looking at the web pages that are ranked highest in the SERPs. In this way, you can assess whether the particular keyword you want to rank for is highly relevant or not. Also, being able to determine how difficult it will be to outperform any of your competitors. Having SEO packages can help you with these analytics.

2. Learn why it is important to perform a SERP analysis

Being able to get the first positions in a SERP is the main objective when optimizing search engines. This is because it is a place where you can promote a brand or a company and thus attract new users to our websites. These are part of the reasons to perform a SERP analysis, but other factors make this important.

The SERP can be seen as an SEO battleground. For this reason, it is important to have an SEO strategist to help us optimize our SERP competitor ranking. However, it is important to carry out a SERP analysis guided by the following:

2.1 Verify the relevance of the keywords

Performing the SERP analysis will provide you with more details about the keywords and the importance they will have for your website. Commonly, you find a relevant keyword, but it ends up being a wrong choice. This can happen because the search intent behind this query is not consistent with the content you want to provide, or simply because it is semantically incorrect.

It is important that you also take into account the words that users use when conducting a Google search. In this way, you will be able to know if these keywords have a good search volume and do not lack consistency in their content.

2.2 You must determine the difficulty classification

In addition to teaching you keyword relevance, SERP analysis will teach you how difficult it will be for you to rank at the top of the SERP. Whenever you find a relevant SERP that you want to rank for, you will need to evaluate your competitors. Therefore, you will need to see how strong they are based on different factors and metrics.

If you want to get this kind of data from the SERP, you will need to use certain SEO tools that can help you gather information. Below you will see the information you will find in these tools:

  • The domain authority and the page authority.
  • The appointment flow and the trust flow.
  • Number of external backlinks.
  • The strength of the link profile.

With these metrics, you will get a rough estimate of the strength of your competitors. In addition, you will be able to know your ability to overcome them with your content.

2.3 Finding Qualifying Opportunities

In addition to the relevance that words can have and their difficulty, the SERP analysis will help you in another aspect as well. Therefore, it will be able to help you find ways to get to the top of user search results faster.

Depending on the type of SERP you want to use in particular, you will be able to find different opportunities that you can use to optimize your content. Among these, we can find the tables of people, the featured snippets, etc.

Apart from the aforementioned, there are Google tools that will help us improve our ranking. One of these is Black Hat Google My Business Hacks, which will help you increase your website’s ranking on all SERPs.

3. Step-by-step guide on how to do a SERP Competition Ranking:

Serp competitors ranking

Many times people waste millions on unsuccessful digital advertising campaigns. To avoid this, it is best to hire a good company that has the best techniques. For instance, have good SERP competitors ranking. To have a good position in the SERP competitors ranking, you must know how to efficiently do the SERP analysis. Next, you will see a step-by-step guide to being able to carry out this process and be successful in it.

3.1 Meet the users

Previously, you saw that the SERP analysis consists of doing keyword research to see which ones are the best positioned in the SERP competitors ranking. But, before doing anything related to keywords, you must understand what kind of audience your website has. This is because the keywords you use must be consistent with the public that visits you to get their attention.

On the other hand, it is important to take into account that when you already have a clear profile of your audience; Do not make the mistake of ranking for the most visited search terms. It is important to focus on the target audience, thus increasing the traffic for your keywords and, therefore, to your website. This is generally the job that off-page SEOs do.

3.2 Start keyword research

Once you have a clear profile of your competitors, you must begin the analysis of the keywords. The best recommendation is that you look to put together a list of words relevant to your niche.

Currently, many tools can help you get started with your keyword research. For the best applications, all you have to do is write some keywords in the beginning and it will start those keywords and related ones. In addition, it also analyzes long-tail keywords and suggestions that are relevant and popular for your business.

This helps you quickly check the exact search volume and how difficult the keyword is. Thus, you can evaluate the relevance of each keyword and get a better understanding of the topics that people search for frequently.

3.3 Identify the search purpose of users

Once you have done the research on the words and have your list of those that may be important; It is time to carry out the SERP analysis and thus verify if they can be useful for your website. You should know that the importance of the keyword can be determined by two factors, the search intent and the type of content that ranks at the top of the SERP.

In this section, we will talk about search intent, which is what makes up SERP analysis. This will help you discover if users making queries have been relevant or useful to them. That is if they were able to satisfy their search intent. There are 4 types of search intent that you should know.

3.3.1 Navigation intent

This is when users search for a specific website or a specific brand or product.

3.3.2 Informative intent

It is when users search for information on a specific topic.

3.3.3 Transactional intent

It refers to users who are browsing the internet trying to buy a product or service.

3.3.4 Commercial intent

This is when the User would like to investigate a product that he wishes to buy.

3.4 Analyze Competitors

In case you only have a budget of 5000 for advertising campaigns; It is important to take into account different SEO techniques, which help you to position yourself high in the SERP competitors ranking. One of the best is to perform the best SERP analysis.

For that, the next step is to determine what is needed to be able to access the websites; They are already ranked in the SERP competition ranking as the top search results in the particular SERP. These web pages can be called competitors or competition. There are two different types of competitors that you should be aware of.

3.4.1 Indirect competitors

Indirect competitors are all those websites that rank for having similar keywords; but, that does not compete directly for their customers.

3.4.2 Direct competitors

Websites are direct competitors to your business if they offer products and services that are similar or the same as yours.

3.5 Research SERP opportunities

SERP analysis has many advantages and the most relevant is to help you find opportunities that are not visible to others. Thus, you can position yourself at the top of the SERP competitors ranking and surpass all competitors quickly and effectively. SERP not only offers organic type results, but you can also use paid ads and other SERP features; which you can study while doing the SERP analysis to make the best use of them.

3.6 Use data for optimization

After you have done your SERP analysis and obtained the most relevant data about your competitors. So you can use all the information to your advantage and optimize the content of your website for the particular query.

Once getting the data with the SERP analysis, it is possible to get a much better overview of the difficulty of the SERP competitor’s ranking. Also, you can get more ideas on how to improve the content and optimize it for your users.

3.7 SERP Tracking

If you want to stay high in the SERP competitors ranking; you should know that the SERP analysis is a process that must be done constantly. In addition, when you are already qualified you must follow the SERP to be able to visualize the changes and take action if necessary.

4. Contact DigitizenGrow so you have access to SEO that will help you position yourself in the SERP competitor ranking

Throughout the article it was possible to observe how performing a SERP competition analysis can be very important to obtain a better ranking. In addition, it explains how this analysis should be carried out and why it is important for SEOs. Therefore, if you want a company that helps you position yourself better in the SERP competitor ranking, contact DigitizenGrow.

Here at DigitizenGrow, you will find SEOs with great knowledge of the SERP and how to position your page at the top of each one. However, if you are an SEO and also want to know more about the new techniques, come to our blog and learn everything you need. Also, if you want to contact us you can use our email contact@digitizengrow.com or call the number +971 43 316 688.

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