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Personal Injury Lawyer Marketing

Personal Injury Lawyer Marketing: Everything You Must Know

The topmost Ideas and strategies to boost Personal Injury Lawyer Marketing

One of the key elements that lead to a higher utilization rate is steady stream clients for personal injury practice. It can also be considered a key performance indicator that allows for measuring a law firm’s performance. And personal injury lawyer marketing is also a key factor that will allow your firm to grow sustainably and exponentially.

In this article, you will learn some of the most effective tactics related to personal injury lawyer advertising. This way, you can boost your personal injury law firm marketing to benefit your firm regardless of its size. Therefore, by sharing our expertise with you, you can get more clients via digital marketing like TV advertising for lawyers. Let us observe:

  1. How does personal injury lawyer marketing go beyond banner ads and TV advertising?
  2. What do you need to do to build a modern personal injury attorney website?
  3. Learn how to get instant traction for your personal injury law firm with digital advertising
  4. Why should you consider launching Google ads campaigns?
  5. How can you stay active on key social media platforms to build brand awareness?
  6. How can Digitizengrow help you get more clients via digital marketing?

1. How does personal injury lawyer marketing go beyond banner ads and TV advertising?

personal injury lawyer marketing

Firstly, you should know that when it comes to marketing personal injury law firm, large firms are the ones who invest in personal injury billboards, TV, radio, and physical advertisements. They can do this because they can afford the significant cost these types of advertisements represent.

And, on the other hand, the marketing for personal injury attorneys who are independently starting new law firms is different. They usually rely on building their reputation at their local courthouse, as well as word-of-mouth referrals. Basically, getting the word out in their local community is their strategy.

However, none of these strategies can be sustainable for your law firm in the long term. On one hand, having billion-dollar firms as competitors can probably be beyond your marketing budget. And, on the other hand, if your firm’s growth is based on referrals and relationships, it can be unscalable.

1.1. Why does digital marketing deserve to be on the marketing plan for personal injury law firms?

The strategies we previously mentioned can be unsustainable for an average firm. Therefore, your personal injury practice guide should include digital marketing as a way to advertise your services without spending millions. As you may know, here you will have a level playing field that traditional advertising strategies do not offer. Plus, it allows you to outcompete larger firms if applying smart strategies.

For example, by using personal injury marketing ideas like SEO strategies, your website will appear among the first results in a Google search. And besides SEO, you can also use injury lawyer ads on different social media platforms, like Facebook. But before start advertising your services through digital platforms, you will need to allocate a portion of your budget to this.

2. What do you need to do to build a modern personal injury attorney website?

The most important element that will help you carry out your digital marketing strategies for your services is your website. Apart from serving as advertising for personal injury lawyers, it helps you make a strong first impression of your brand. As a matter of fact, having a website and domain is considered a strategic and long-term, low-cost investment for firms.

But what should your website look like? Well, it will need to have a contemporary and modern design that represents your brand. Plus, having interactive functionality and being responsive is also essential so your prospective clients can feel comfortable when visiting it. And also, it must include easily readable content, as well as have a code optimized for search engines.

2.1. How can you create a cohesive content marketing strategy to represent your brand?

As we mentioned before, effective personal injury marketing for lawyers starts by creating a website. Then, the next step will require you to apply a content strategy that meets your branding requirements. Furthermore, you must make sure that your content writing represents your legal expertise accurately.

And apart from branding, it is also vital to have a content strategy that integrates SEO or Search Engine Optimization. In the sections below, we will further explain this element and its importance for personal injury lawyer ads and marketing.

3. Learn how to get instant traction for your personal injury law firm with digital advertising

Unlike other types of advertising methods, like lawyer TV advertising, having a website may take longer to provide results. One of the elements that your website will depend on is traffic. The most favorable situation is having organic traffic, but getting it may take up to one year or more. And that will mostly depend on how competitive is the market.

And if you desire to increase traffic, advertising will be the solution. Using a paid personal injury attorney ad that suits your brand and services can help you find potential clients. As a matter of fact, paid search is among the relatively underused digital marketing tactics. Therefore, consider using digital ads instead of lawyer TV ads to allow clients to find you easily.

4. Why should you consider launching Google ads campaigns?

personal injury lawyer marketing

Starting a Google ads account and running a Google search ads campaign is your best option. Through it, you will be able to find high-quality clients in competitive markets, just like many attorneys have done. However, there are certain things you need to know before starting your campaign with your personal injury lawyer ad.

For instance, you should know that there is a cost per click (CPC) for lucrative keywords that you must be aware of. Besides, you should also know that the key is finding relatively low-competition keywords with high purchase intent. Although it will require some skill and investment of time, it will also prevent wasteful spending.

4.1 How can you start the search engine optimization flywheel for your personal injury practice?

Your website’s traffic and leads will start to increase once the content and links from your SEO campaign start to accumulate. And if you start working with specialists like us, you will see how your website and personal injury ad will start providing results. Plus, it can help your website’s traffic get an upward trajectory.

Patience will be essential, though. And conducting SEO audits tailored to your standings in search engine results will also be key.

4.2 Learn how to conduct a law firm SEO audit of your website

In case you are carrying out personal injury attorney marketing SEO on your own, you should follow this quick guide. By following these steps, you will be able to identify the right keywords within reach of your current domain rating. And, as a result, applying this SEO strategy for your personal injury law marketing firm will bring excellent results.

4.2.1 Step 1

Firstly, you will need to plug your domain inside an online tool such as Ahrefs to get started. If you choose to use Ahrefs, you will get a breakdown of your website’s current domain rating. And it will include your site’s backlink profile, indexed keywords, and related SEO metrics too.

4.2.2 Step 2

The next step will require you to go to the organic keywords report. There, you can see how many keywords your website ranks for, which can be hundreds of them. To make this process easier, you can filter these keywords by position. Then, it will you to the low-hanging keywords that your website is ranking on the page for.

4.2.3 Step 3

And from here, you can pick some of the keywords you have previously obtained so you can work on them. It is recommendable to use low-competition keywords (KD < 10). Furthermore, keep in mind that these keywords should be around your primary business locations or key practice areas.

For example, let’s say that you pick the first keyword for your website, which can be something like “Dubai personal injury attorney”. After picking the keyword you will work on, we shall move to the next step.

4.2.4 Step 4

Once you have picked a keyword, you will need to analyze the individual SERP (Search Engine Results Page) for it. Then, you have to find out whether you lack backlinks as the UR score indicates. Also, you must discover whether your website has a relatively low domain rating or DR compared to top-ranking pages.

On the other hand, it is also essential to check whether your content is less relevant than others. Remember that your website’s content should serve the search intent behind the query. Lastly, you should also consider evaluating the technical SEO for every page.

4.2.5 Step 5

In this next step, you must repeat steps 3 and 4 until you find the right keywords. Keep in mind that these keywords must make the most business sense for you to work on right now. This way, they can actually help you a lot when advertising for personal injury lawyer.

4.2.6 Step 6

It is also recommendable to conduct a backlink gap analysis. By doing this, you can find your ratio of do follow vs. do not follow links against your competitors. Furthermore, this analysis will also allow you to find the anchor text you should use to increase your ranking chances. Remember that you can find several online tools to conduct an analysis like this.

4.2.7 Step 7

If you desire to perform a basic technical SEO audit of your site, feel free to use the Ahrefs webmaster tools. These will require connecting with your Google Search Console. And after a site audit by this tool, any evident errors will be directly visible. Keep in mind that determining your website’s bottlenecks is the overall goal of this comprehensive audit.

5. How can you stay active on key social media platforms to build brand awareness?

Lastly, using personal injury ads on social media platforms is another strategy that you should use. Instead of applying costly strategies like lawyers that advertise on TV, opting for using social media is easier and cost-effective.

Platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn are among the top social network used by law firms. By using Facebook ads for personal injury lawyers, it is possible to attract and retain clients effortlessly.

However, the main goal of most firms is to generate brand awareness through personal injury Facebook ads. And that is because, in many cases, social media may not result in leads directly. Nonetheless, using attorney Facebook advertising, for instance, will help you retarget visitors to your website.

6. How can Digitizengrow help you get more clients via digital marketing?

By having Digitizengrow as your partner, our specialists will provide you with all the knowledge you need to succeed on digital platforms. For instance, you will learn about effective digital marketing strategies to promote products and start personal injury marketing lawyer services efficiently. The services and solutions that we offer and can improve your marketing involve several aspects, including the following ones:


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