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Seo meta tags

SEO Meta Tags 2024: An Ultimate Guide

All SEOs should know how important it is to have different marketing strategies because of how competitive the market is. Especially with everything related to search engines. There are many tactics, and it is practically mandatory to use them. For instance, is to use the LSI keywords. One of the simplest strategies that can make a big difference is the correct use of SEO meta tags.

In this article, we will give you the information you need to know about SEO meta tags. It is intended to explain what SEO tags are in a very simple way so that you can understand them. In addition, we will give you a list of meta tags with a description for each of them. We will also show you how to use meta tags for SEO.

  1. Do you know what is SEO meta tag?
  2. Learn all about meta title tags
  3. What is a meta description tag and how to use it?
  4. Do you know what is the meta keywords tag?
  5. What is a meta charset tag and how to use it correctly?
  6. Learn everything you need to know about meta robots tags
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1. Do you know what is SEO meta tag?

Seo meta tags

We can define meta tags as a type of HTML tag, which is found within the code of a website. You found that the term meta refers to metadata, which is a set that is responsible for providing information about other data. In other words, you can say that metadata is data about data.

Focusing on the context of SEO, you found that meta tags present information about a web page to search engines. An example of this is how it should be displayed in the different search results and for specific keywords or LSI keywords. However, meta tags also tell the different web browsers that exist, and how they can display the content of a web to visitors.

In summary, the meta tags will influence how your content will be presented to users in the different search results. In addition, also on the actual page that is being displayed. On the other hand, meta tags influence the way the content will be displayed; however, for users they will not be visible without inspecting the source code of the web page themselves.

2. Learn all about meta title tags

You found that the title meta tag is responsible for informing search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, and Google search; regarding the clickable title that you want to display on the various search engine results on pages. Also, you will see how the meta title tag will act as the title of a document.

The purpose of this is to convey the main theme of a web page. In this way, search engines use it for SERP competitor ranking purposes. Also, they can use it as an element that will be clickable within search fragments, but not all the time.

You noticed that Google often uses this title tag as a title link in the various search snippets. However, you can also use HTML elements such as internal anchor texts or header tags.

2.1 Importance of meta titles for SEO

You found a large meta tags list, but when it comes to search engine algorithms you know little for sure. However, meta titles are one of the things we know as a ranking factor. Additionally, many studies have identified a very strong relationship between the use of keywords in meta titles and high search engine rankings.

You also see how Google has stated that they use meta titles to better understand the context of the page. In this way, you can summarize that meta titles greatly influence the ranking of search engine results pages. Also, it will influence the number of clicks you will get from an organic search; which is mostly used by organic SEO.

For this reason, you can say that meta titles are one of the best meta tags for SEO. Consequently, it is important to know and use the different Google SEO tools that can help us improve our ranking.

3. What is a meta description tag and how to use it?

Among the meta tag list that you can find, is the meta description. This tag, in a nutshell, what it does is summarize all the content of a web page. Search engines usually use this as a snippet on the search engine results page.

The meta description will be located below the title link and its visible URL. Also, this will be inside a search snippet which will be standard if different search engines apply. Now, knowing the definition of this, it is essential to know why it is important to have a meta description that is well written.

3.1 Importance of meta description for SEO

Before talking about the importance of meta descriptions, it must be made clear that they are not a direct ranking factor. Therefore, what you put inside your meta description will not be able to help you in search engines. This way, you will not magically appear in the top positions of search engines even if your meta description is very good.

Thus the question arises as to why these are important. This can be seen because, along with its title meta tag; The meta description will become the first thing that a user will be able to see when scanning the different search results.

Therefore, the content found in your meta description tag can have a very large impact on users. In this way, users can decide whether or not to click on your web page.

In short, if you want to gain bigger organic traffic, having a well-written meta description will be a very important factor. Also, if you wish you can use SEO packages that will help you learn more about how search engines work.

4. Do you know what is the meta keywords tag?

SEO meta tags

In the list of the best metatags, the next one to mention is the meta keyword tags. These are known as tags that can be added to a website; in order to indicate which keywords should be classified. But, this tag has a problem and that is that spammer overused this SEO meta tag. Therefore, most search engines ignore meta keyword tags these days.

In addition, in the year 2009; Google gave information where it was revealed that it has not been using meta keywords tags for more than 10 years. And not only Google has these policies, Bing in 2011 said that this type of SEO meta tags; can be used as a spam signal for pages that rank low in the SERP competitors ranking.

Seeing all this, the best recommendation that can be made is to avoid using meta keyword tags. There are even tools that will help you detect them so that you can eliminate them.

5. What is a meta charset tag and how to use it correctly?

One of the most recommended SEO meta tags is the meta charset tag. This is defined as the character encoding for the web page. In other words, the meta character sets are the ones that tell the web browser how the text should be displayed on the site when users access it. There are many different character sets, but two of them are the most widely used.

  • UTF-8 (which is the character encoding used for Unicode).
  • ISO-8859-1 (which is the character encoding used for the Latin alphabet).

5.1 Why are meta charset tags important?

The use of meta charset tags is important because they assure you that the text on the page is displayed correctly. If they are not used, the characters on the page may look like broken characters. Which is not good for the experience of all users or for the reputation of the website. Also, your performance as SEO will be negatively affected.

5.2 Best practices for using meta charset tags

There are three tips that it is highly recommended that you follow, to be successful using meta charsets.

  • You should be aware that, on all web pages, this tag is being used.
  • Use them whenever you can the UTF-8 character. This is one of Google’s recommendations.
  • Depending on your HTML version, use the correct syntax.

5.3 How to use meta charset tag on your web page?

Before knowing how to add a meta tag to your site’s home page you should know when you can use it. To use the meta charset tag, you need your website to be HTML and custom coded. On the other hand, the most common CMSs use this tag automatically. If you are not using any CMS, you just have to paste the appropriate code in the <head> section of the website.

6. Learn everything you need to know about meta robots tags

A good SEO should know how important it is to add header code meta tags; one of the most used for these purposes is the meta robots tag. Which is known as a specialized label for robots. It is in charge of providing data to the robots about the correct functioning of the page.

The automatic function of the search robots is to index all the pages that they can crawl. What this label allows is to establish special or specific instructions for this process. For instance, crawl the links on the page or not index a particular URL.

6.1 Why is the meta robot tag important for SEO?

Before creating the header code meta tags you should know why it is important to use the meta robot tag. The meta robot tags; are mainly used to prevent some pages from appearing in search results. This is very useful because it might show up when you want to block search engines from indexing certain pages.

6.2 Best practices in the use of meta robots tags

The best suggestion that can be given to meta robots tags is; to make sure you have the correct tag for each page. You should be aware of the large amount of traffic that is lost by misusing meta robots tags. If you want to avoid these problems, it is best to perform the following steps.

  • Avoid using the index and in turn, it would be unnecessary to use the metarobots tag.
  • These tags can only be used when you want to limit Google’s crawling of a page.
  • You must not block pages using meta robots tags in robots.txt files. It is best to just use meta robots.

6.3 Learn how to add meta robots tags to your website

In case you have a web page with custom code; The ideal meta robots code should be placed in the main section of the website. Having the main directives.

If, on the other hand, you use a CMS like WordPress, you must go to the advanced settings and select your preferences.

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