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Learn what is the Adult version of Tiktok – TikTok’s adult version

As in many communication platforms, there is content that is exclusively for adults on TikTok. For this, this social network has controls for each type of video, especially on the adult TikTok. Adapting to new formats forces all industries to move, and porn is not far behind. For this reason, there are many mobile apps for browsers that prevent users from having access to adult content through their computer.

In this article, you will learn what adult Tik Tok is about, in addition to their Community Guidelines. The TikTok Community Guidelines indicate which categories are prohibited by the platform, including pornography and other sexually explicit content. Undoubtedly, it is useful to have certain controls for a community as vast in social networks in general as the adolescent community.

  1. What is adult TikTok?
  2. Parental control
  3. What are the community guidelines on TikTok?
  4. How can we help you know more about the adult version of TikTok?

1. What is adult TikTok?

adult tiktoks

TikTok is a platform that hosts hundreds of short videos with different content for all ages. However, something that the application does not allow is explicit content that can violate the security and integrity of people, like the TikTok adulting content.

But there is also the possibility of accessing an adult TikTok. “Wait, is there an adult Tic Tok?” The answer is yes. The name of the adult Tok is SWYP. This mobile app looks similar to TikTok in terms of functionality, presenting users with a wide range of full-screen video previews to pique their interest by simply swiping down on their mobile screen. So, there is an R-rated version of TikTok where you can watch TikTok adult videos.

Also, users can skip to new adult TikToks as many times as they want, and when they come across a video that previews the content they like, viewers just need to swipe left to enjoy the full video on this TikTok adult version.

2. Parental control

TikTok has systems and limitations in place to protect younger users when they connect to the social network. However, this system acts depending on the age that the user indicates. It is important that parents verify that their children register with their real age so that the application can set these limitations if necessary.

Likewise, TikTok has its own parental control system called Family Sync. With this system, parents can link their own TikTok accounts to those of their children to remotely control privacy settings, and make the adjustments they see necessary whenever they deem it appropriate.

Parents must synchronize their phones with their children’s. Thus, they will be able to control their account settings through their TikTok. There are several options available, such as limiting the maximum time they can use the app each day.

Here are some of the settings parents can make to their child’s TikTok account with the family sync option:

  • Search: You can disable searching for certain content.
  • Restricted mode: This option limits the content that teens access so that they do not see anything that might be inappropriate for them.
  • Direct messages: Parents can restrict who can send direct messages to their children or disable this option completely.

3. What are the community guidelines on TikTok?

One of the missions of TikTok according to the regulations for its use is to generate creativity and fun in its community of users. In addition, having the chance of interacting with people anywhere in the world with the greatest possible security. 

The security issue on TikTok is a priority. This social network has a proactive security system, that is, there is no need to wait for a complaint for any content that may violate the security standards of this platform, but rather TikTok will directly eliminate content that does not meet these standards.

3.1 Teen Safety

TikTok cares about the safety of teenagers on the platform. The minimum age to have a TikTok account is 13 years of age and if the platform detects an irregularity in this regard, it will eliminate the account. 

Likewise, TikTok does not allow nudity, pornographic, or sexually explicit content. In fact, among the rules for the user community, content on sexual activities, sexual requests, and prostitution, are expressly prohibited. In other words, nudity, the display of breasts, genitals, anus, and buttocks.

Therefore, a TikTok user cannot:

  • Upload content that promotes or depicts sexual activity. This includes sex with or without penetration, oral sex, or erotic kissing.
  • Content that is lewd or stimulates sexual arousal.

4. How can we help you know more about the adult version of TikTok?

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